Creative Strategy and Branding

Patch Project



Patch Project was an exciting new endeavour from the classic, vintage and electronic pioneers at Sound Gas.

Their goal was to build a music community like no other. A source of knowledge and collaborative inspiration, for anyone in (or interested in) the world of music, gear and
tech. An online space – by creators for creators.

Sound Gas approached our creative team with the concept and, with our Creative Director having a lifetime of experience within the tech and music industries, the chemistry between the two companies was immediate.

Patch Project needed to have a stand-alone brand that would resonate with their audiences. It needed to speak to the values and the demographic, to be recognised in its own entity. The identity of Patch Project was everything.


In the first instance, the identity for the brand needed to be formed.

An initial deep dive into the demographic, the user interactions, and what the likely content would be was the first place to start. Patch Project needed to feel like a safe place for the music community to hang out, communicate, collaborate and share knowledge.

All backgrounds were welcome; from artists and tech geeks to music industry professionals and obsessives. Male or female. The audience was vast.

The launch was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, an opportunity to give back to the community; support and mentor artists and crew. But along with that came its own challenges. Covid-19 wreaked havoc on touring and live events and this had to be a major consideration when building Patch Project. The brand had to offer creators new revenue possibilities and keep the options open for earning a living.

Their main goal was to work with a limited number of creators to begin with such as experienced artists and techs, who would help shape the future for Patch Project.


Our creative team could offer a wealth of experience and technical expertise in supporting the cause, including a wide understanding of international live and online events, which was essential to develop the community and platform.

Following an initial deep dive into the Soundgas’ goals and audience. We began with researching and developing a sense of style and look and feel for the brand.

There was, at this stage, no set name either. So, it was all to play for to bring the concept to life. Multiple variations of the brand name were discussed, but the name Patch hit home. The story behind this being that Patch (from patch bay), was all about connection.

Connecting like-minded people with others in the industry, as well as a nod to the fact that all backgrounds are welcome. The evolution of the name Patch led us onto playing with font choice, colourways, image layouts and logo variations – we were in our element. We landed on a couple of concepts, but the choice was unanimous in the final decision.

To complete the winning style, our creative team developed an in-depth brand guidelines document that underpinned the various elements of the branding across multiple applications, including the usage and prohibited use of the design. The creative strategy and branding created, expressed rules and guides around not only visuals but the tone of voice and copy style for future use too. A bible of sorts for anyone who is working within Patch Project.

It was also key for us to understand the core values of the brand. What were Patch trying to achieve in everything they do? We needed to decipher the messaging that would speak to the audience and resonate with them.

Out of this was born the 3-pillars: Produce, Promote, and Prosper. It encompassed health and wellness as well as a business device.


Regular YouTube streams with Radiohead & Portishead members amongst other well celebrated artists

Up and running since 2021

PatchLive virtual events hosted twice a year


The creative team at asembl. took no time at all to really deep dive into what and who we are. As a new start-up, we were still finding our identity and soul and they were a huge part of helping us get there from a brand strategy, personality and tone of voice POV. We needed to start from the bottom up, and create the foundations of how we will be seen, heard and shared across multi-channels.

They helped us sculpt a plan and then built those branding blocks with us. The result, is a stunning adaptation of our brainchild, that we now are proud to share with our customers and bring to life via all our media and marketing.

Lex Butler, Co-Founder
Sound Gas