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Who we are.

We create

global brand


that unite audiences.

asembl. is a collective of bold individuals. Of strategically creative thinkers and doers. A group that challenges each other to break boundaries.

We use imagination to take your brand and explode it into life. Creating unforgettable experiences is what we do.

Compelling brand experiences.


We produce cutting-edge creative,
design and content for the live events
and entertainment industries.

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Immersive events and exhibitions with the power to enlighten, move and educate. Whether it’s Live, Hybrid or Virtual, we’ve got it covered.

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Define and realise your ambitions with no fluff digital marketing and event audience generation. We will help you develop and implement your strategy.

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Inspire, excite, and engage your employees, clients and partners with inventive incentives
and performance-boosting rewards.

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End to End Event Logistics and Fulfilment simplified. We can store, manage, and install everything you need for your next event activation.

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Compelling brand experiences.

Our work

Why work with us.

If no one

can hear you

be bold and

say it louder.

We turn thoughts and ideas into objectives and plans. We help you define what you need to say and how to say it. We understand effective communication.

We work best with brands that enable us to cut through the noise to enhance experiences.

We don’t overcomplicate things or make up new words for something that already exists.

We’re a collective of strategic & creative minds specialising in audience engagement.

Through live, digital and hybrid brands trust us. It’s as simple as that.

Compelling brand experiences.


asembl. Futures – Episode 1.

In our first episode, we explore what it truly means to connect. We live in a world surrounded by technology. We can place ourselves in new environments from the comfort of our sofas and connect to family and ...