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Good question…. well honestly, it’s pretty simple. The group was formed to assemble the best of the best talent to provide an exceptional service offering to our clients. What began as a working title and concept kind of stuck. But, per the ‘asembl. way’, we simplified.

It’s not! asembl. is a cut spelling of assemble, a style of writing that reduces word length by removing redundant letters.

As part of our core values, we keep it simple. We remove the unnecessary, strip back and do things our way. So, it makes perfect sense when you think of it that way! 

Easier to read written on a single line with a full stop to signify there is nothing else to follow. 

Just like us, .co is simple, streamlined and different. 

Our logo is something we’re proud of. We were inspired by the simplest form of assembly – children’s building blocks. 

We learn that at a young age, when we assemble something, we create something bigger and more interesting than it was before. ​​

Each logo cube represents a service unit. The units come together perfectly to form one solid group. The black space represents future expansion – a place for you, our future partner. 

Drop us a DM if you’d like to learn more and see what happens when you do!

The asembl. concept was born during the Covid pandemic. With the mission to bring exceptional talent and specialists all under one roof, forming a simplified service offering for our clients. A one-stop shop of skills and creativity.

asembl. as we see today, launched in May 2022, but the heart of asembl. comes from our Founders, Adam Baxter and Gavin Farley, creating In2Events Ltd back in 2005.

Whether you choose to email, phone, text or send a carrier pigeon, we’re always ready and waiting to discuss your next experience project.

However, we recommend you start the conversation by visiting our contact us page here.

If you want to become an asembl’er, please visit our careers page here.


From the UK, Europe, and the US to Timbuktu and back again, we work worldwide and can support you wherever your project goes live. 

Save time and hassle by using our resources. We know the place to be, from luxury, contemporary, trendy and cool to the more obscure and bizarre. Drawing on our years of knowledge and our little black book of contacts, we can find your next venue or location and secure the best rates. 

Finding the perfect venue can take a lot of time, so we charge a venue-finding fee when necessary. However, this is only sometimes the way, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

No, we do not. We’ll provide the best venues and locations that fit your brief and budget. There is no benefit for us or, more importantly, you in working with venues on an exclusive basis. 


Payment terms vary depending on each project, and your account manager will discuss this with you before proceeding. In most circumstances, we will require payment before contracting venues or suppliers or paying deposits. 

We charge for management time for most projects. We do this because not only do we value your time, but we also value our team’s time. By charging management time, our team can focus on your project.

You will receive a breakdown of all the required services for your project and how much of our time will be spent delivering your objectives. 

Yes, we are. Our VAT number is 850129447.


It’s your answer to logistics hell!

We have developed an online portal where you can select and choose from your stock stored in our secure warehouse. Any brand collateral, kit or merchandise you want to send to events, staff, and customers will be hand-picked by our team and delivered wherever you need it. Check out for more information.

It’s massive! Our warehouse is bigger than the storeroom at the office where no one knows where anything is…. We have 30,000 sqft of organised, managed warehouse space available to you. 

We can, yes. It’s not always easy getting something sent to another country from the UK, but our logistics team know everything there is to know about international deliveries. We’re also a gold partner of DHL, which has its extra benefits. 

We have a European partnership and can manage EU logistics hurdles for you.

We make it our business to know how to support your business. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest rules, regulations and logistics news.  The logistics world is constantly changing, so contact us for more information.


asembl.Academy is close to our CEO’s heart. Gavin felt there wasn’t enough guidance and support when he first entered the world of employment in 1997!

Our industry is the best in the world, and we should be doing more to encourage young blood to take the plunge into an exciting, fast-paced career. To find out more, check out asembl.Academy.

If you’re interested in learning more about asembl.Academy to either attend or become a mentor, please email; our ambassador will be happy to help.

As part of our values, we care. Wcare about our planet, the environment, communities, charities and each other. We should all do more to influence change, and as a business, we strive to make this ethos integral to our everyday decision-making. For more information, check out asembl.Cares.

We partner with ISLA, an industry leader in ‘making events green’. We use their TRACE tool to measure and monitor carbon footprints at live, hybrid and virtual events. 

As with anything, making your event ‘green’ and more environmentally conscious does incur a cost. It can vary depending on the project size; however, it is more effective when a sustainable approach is included in the initial planning stages instead of as an afterthought.

“I just wanted write you a quick note to say a huge thank you for an absolutely incredible effort and the flawless delivery of the AlphaGo event. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will go down in history. Thanks for playing such a vital part in making it happen, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Google DeepMind

Event Organiser

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