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The 5th Arab Lawyers Forum.

Conference and networking event.



Connecting Arab Lawyers from across the globe with a unique platform to share latest insights, trends and most pressing issues facing today’s legal industry.

The Arab Lawyers Forum is a prestigious biennial event responsible for connecting a diverse and dynamic community of senior lawyers and decision-makers together from across the world. In previous years, the forum has been hosted in Morocco, Egypt, Bahrain, and Italy. The 5th event was planned for the UK, but disaster struck, and the world shut down with Covid, putting the forum on pause.

After the two-year postponement, the 5th Arab Lawyers Forum could finally go ahead safely. With the excitement of returning to face-to-face events, the forum grew in size and reached maximum capacity. In total, 250 people registered to attend, so one of the main challenges was ensuring everyone was in the right place at the right time for a smooth experience for all.

Attendees flew in from all over the world for 2 days of conversations and connections. With an event and guest list of this fine calibre, it was only right that the venue was of the same prestige. The Rosewood London was an obvious choice, offering opulence in the heart of the city and perfectly located for international travellers.

Day one check-in and attendee registration was allotted a short time frame due to the evening itinerary. With meticulous planning, check-in ran like a well-oiled machine, and once guests were settled, they boarded (more well-oiled machines 😉) iconic London red buses for a city tour before disembarking at the JPMorgan offices for a welcome drinks reception. Day two was a full day of sharing insights, panel sessions and networking, followed by an intimate evening reception hosted at the Royal Law Society, a convenient 10-minute walk away! The sun was shining, and our team led the way on foot with tour-guide-style lolly-pop signage.

One area that required consideration was the diverse and multicultural audience. We ensured that no one was left out by creating an inclusive environment that was sensitive to cultural needs, providing private areas, careful agenda planning, and a menu catered to all.

Overall feedback was that the 5th Arab Lawyers Forum was a brilliant success and provided the platform for cultivating meaningful business and relationships.

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