Connect and Construct

Autodesk University

Las Vegas Activations

Having worked with Autodesk on previous events, the asembl. team were in an advantageous position to accept Autodesk’s next challenge. The Autodesk team briefed us to create a collection of memorable, thought-provoking, branded and interactive activations.

Tailored for construction and industry professionals, the activations would encourage engagement and social sharing and consequently increase the reach of the event whilst also promoting the client’s software solutions and ‘Make Anything’ ethos.


We captured the imaginations of delegates, providing moments of wonder, entertainment, and engagement with the client’s brand, by stepping outside the box and combining Autodesk’s experience and knowledge, as a leader within the construction industry, with some of our own adventurous ideas that fully embraced the Autodesk tagline, ‘Make Anything’.

Adopting a blue-sky thinking approach and taking inspiration from the globally recognised culture of construction sites, allowed us to create unique, fun, and participatory activations that each, with their own clear set of performance objectives, resonated with the diverse professional audiences in attendance across both events.

To align Autodesk’s brand proposition with the activations, we incorporated interactive technologies to take attendees on an immersive and educational journey. Each design not only worked to raise brand awareness but also provided a sensory experience, which worked to captivate attendees and convey core messaging.

We worked to a complex schedule and managed multiple stakeholders to ensure that the production, transportation, and delivery of each activation component met identified deadlines and arrived safely and securely at their US venues. Once received, we were onsite to oversee the build in its entirety, ensuring that all the individual setups integrated seamlessly within the expansive spaces of the Palazzo and Sands Expo Hall.

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