Break the mould.

Creativity is our business.

Emotion is our product.

We tell stories through high-end, cutting-edge creative, design and media.

Our services.

Who we are

We are a team of dreamers. We absorb ourselves in your brand. We deep dive into the finest of details to understand your core values. We figure out not only what you want, but what you need.

We deliver on-brand concepts by being the thread that weaves between all aspects of your project. We take ideas and strip them back to their simplest form. We explore and play. Then we explode them back out again across multiple disciplines and ways of thinking. We capture emotion.



The creation of the look and feel of a project.

The art of design lies in its ability to communicate the intention of a project cleanly. Good design is functional, beautiful and projects a distinct personality. Typefaces, colour, layout, imagery, and sets of style rules all contribute to good design.

From branding to stage design, print to iconography, CADs to event signage, we ensure that our clients’ deliverables satisfy high design standards.


The animation of words and graphics.

The art of motion lies in how a word moves or an animation unfolds and how that motion feels. Direction, scale, speed and timing are all parameters at the motion creator’s disposal. When mastered, motion can become as much a part of a brand’s identity as its colourway and logo.

Our in-house team can take flat 2D concepts and animate LED screen content, web graphics, pixel-mapped content, and technical animations. And from CADs, Motion can create 3D virtual environments for visually stunning environmental fly- throughs for presentations.


The placement of media on a timeline to tell a story.

The art of video storytelling lies in the selection of what to include and what to omit. Content, pacing, graphics, colour and texture are all tools in the editors kit. In a culture saturated with content, our exposure to attention-demanding visuals has never been higher. As such, video is a rapidly evolving art form.

Our editors are a radical crew. The visuals they share in our brainstorming sessions demonstrate their insatiable desire for pushing visual boundaries. Whether the project requires that we search for found footage or that shoots are necessary to create specific assets, our video team can pull the assets together in a way that create emotion for any budget.


All sonic elements of a production.

The art of sound design lies in its ability to complement or juxtapose visuals for dramatic effect. Music, sound effects, dynamics, tone, silence, rhythm, harmony and dissonance are all tools in the sound designers kit. There is perhaps no element of media creation more emotionally manipulative. Good audio will virtually cue an audience when to listen, cheer, or tear up.

Audio also happens to be our founder and creative director’s personal passion. Custom music can sidestep royalties and can be used and edited to give your brand a sonic signature. For larger projects, creating a custom soundtrack allows us to time and edit the soundtrack to squeeze out every last piece of emotion.


The concept that directs all other elements of a project.

The art of creative direction lies in finding the vehicle that best communicates the message and ensuring that all expressions of that concept conform to the DNA of that idea. Good creative will surprise and captivate, inform and reassure, and can withstand detailed scrutiny. Our creative develops copy, visuals, and experiences.

Its goal is to inform, educate, assist, inspire, and persuade the attendee and move them emotionally.

Our work