Autodesk Construction.

Brand presence @ The RIBA Stirling Awards.

Immersive brand experience.

Interactive installation.

Aerial view of green rooftop garden showcasing sustainable city urban development

The mission was to design an awe-inspiring, immersive brand experience that showcases Autodesk products and enhances the conversation at the RIBA Stirling Prize awards evening. 

Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. Their technology spans across many industry functions to empower innovators everywhere. As a leader in architectural software and design, Autodesk Construction shares a natural affinity with RIBA.

The RIBA Stirling Prize is a prestigious award that celebrates incredible life-changing architecture. So, naturally, Autodesk is the perfect fit to sponsor an event that recognises the best in UK building design.

asembl. has partnered with Autodesk for many years, creating immersive brand experiences. As a brand they pride themselves on innovation and forward-thinking, so activity needs to be awe-inspiringly unforgettable. This occasion was no exception. The audience was mainly architects and designers, so appealing to their creative instincts was key to reaffirming Autodesk’s position as a tech leader. 

We designed and delivered an interactive art installation. The idea was to create an inspirational walkway to the main awards ceremony. Here, guests could enjoy a Champagne reception and networking. Autodesk used this opportunity to reconnect with industry professionals who know and love their software.

A crucial part of the installation was to highlight the iconic historical architecture while creating an immersive brand experience. Atmospheric lighting, audio, surrounding screens and a chill-out seating area transformed the blank canvas space.

Across the projection screens, the architects were immersed in an attention-grabbing sizzle video and real-life case studies. The piece that caught the most attention was a looped demo of the Autodesk software ‘Forma’. The Autodesk team used FormaAI to map the local Manchester area to show off the software’s game-changing capabilities.


The Autodesk team reconnected with industry peers and had many important conversations as a result of the installation. A huge buzz was created. The brand looked the part and the main ‘Forma’ demo piece took place as the main attraction. Attendees were reminded of Autodesk’s abilities and their position as a leader in architecture design software. 

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