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3rd Annual Conference

Hybrid Conference & Partner Showcase

It was FINALLY time to bring people together face to face.

This year, the 3rd Dynamic Planner Annual Conference took shape in a hybrid format. Previous years have forced this event to go virtual because of social distancing, however, this was the year that Dynamic Planner could bring their valued customers and partners together in person.

Because of Dynamic Planner’s enormity and global footprint, some attendees would still need to join digitally. But, with the focus this year being reconnection, it was crucial that all attendees could immerse themselves in the experience, feel included and not feel like an after-thought no matter where in the world they were.


Every detail needed to be meticulously planned to ensure Dynamic Planner’s first hybrid event made an impact.

Dynamic Planner is a Fin-Tech leader providing an award-winning system to the financial industry. After virtual-only conferences for the last two years, there was nothing to stop Dynamic Planner from (finally) hosting an in-person event. Unfortunately, the previous year had the live element pulled at the 11th hour due to, yes, you guessed it, Covid. So, it was even more crucial that this hybrid conference was a roaring success.

The mission was to provide a platform for Dynamic Planner to share their latest updates and reconnect with their partners and end-users from across the globe. It was important that online attendees felt part of the event and could engage as if they were in the room.


We became an integral part of the Dynamic Planner team with complete project and production management:​

venue finding

branding and identity

content and video creation

speaker organisation

show production

stage management

project and budget management

on-the-day operations

The first step was securing a venue fit for an up-and-coming Fin-Tech brand that matched Dynamic Planner’s values. The newly opened Convene at 22 Bishops Gate proved the perfect match with a trendy atmosphere and sustainable practices throughout operational delivery.

Once we locked in the right location, it needed to look the part. The design team developed a unique, eye-catching identity throughout the live and digital components. Also, in keeping with our financial audience, we secured the banking-turned-broadcaster legend, Tanya Beckett, to share her expertise and lead the day.

A sustainable approach was a critical factor in the delivery of this event:​

A donation to Trees for Life for each guest that attended online or in person.

Lanyards were PET and reusable for next year.

Paper badges printed with soy-based inks and recyclable.

No single-use plastic for drinks or packaging.

Convene is a sustainability-first venue and is making efforts to change (read more).

Getting the Hybrid experience right was the marker of success for this conference:​

The first 100 virtual sign-ups received a Pilgrim Pizza delivery.

The main sessions were real-time to both audiences. A smooth and seamless broadcast was essential so digital participants were in the moment.

Questions from digital participants came through straight away, so no one felt unheard.

Virtual breakout sessions were pre-recorded but managed by real-time mediators prepped with questions and information to keep the conversation flowing.

The online platform offered an immersive experience with interactive social walls, networking opportunities, pop-up notifications with reminders and a partner exhibitor area.

Four asembl event team members standing in front of Dynamic Planner branded background at the conference. They are wearing black asembl uniform

One delighted client and lots of happy attendees:

Audience attendance was up 25% vs 2022

Amazing customer satisfaction scores

Branding was at every touch point and has never been so bold

Press coverage tripled to 15 individual articles vs 2022 coverage

58 NPS score

286 in-person / 500 online

780 Trees donated to Trees for Life

100 Pilgrim Pizzas delivered and devoured

14 Exhibiting partners

Guys – you absolutely nailed it!! Well done, and a massive thank you…You were just brilliant all day from start to finish…I thought you all totally smashed it.
Thank you so much.

Yasmina, Sales and Marketing Director.

Dynamic Planner.

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