Private Hedge Fund.

An adventure of a life time.

25th Anniversary Celebrations.

Incentive travel and reward.

Create a highly immersive and unique travel incentive for 120 hedge fund managers from across the globe.


Create a highly immersive long weekend that would inspire, surprise, reward and engage the whole team. 

◆ 120 staff from a leading privately owned global hedge fund

◆ Top-secret destination

◆ Once in a lifetime experience

◆ Adrenalin-fuelled activities 

  • Reindeer sledging
  • Husky dog sledging
  • Skidoo down a frozen river
  • Ice go-karting
  • Snowmobile cross
  • Tandem biathlon
  • Tubing relay
  • Snow sculpting
  • Snow golf
  • Lumberjack immersive dining experience
  • Gala dinner


The event was to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, strengthen the company team culture, build relationships, provide guests with life-long memories and importantly, to say a huge thank you to all staff for their outstanding efforts during the year. 


From Gatwick and Stansted, guests boarded privately chartered flights to Rovaniemi, Finland. The destination was to remain topsecret until the very last moment, which meant many careful conversations and meticulous logistical planningFortunately there were no accidental slip-ups, and the attendees were well and truly surprised when they touched down in the Arctic Circle!  


Home for the next few days was the Arctic Treehouse Hotel—a blend of luxury, comfort, local Lappish traditions and modern Scandinavian design. Set in the heart of the Arctic, the stylish suites were surrounded by nature and incredible panoramic views and of course plenty of snow. 


As the focus was on forming new connections within an existing team, we planned a jam-packed itinerary of group adventures. You name it, we did it. From husky sledging, a skidoo safari down a frozen river, winter sports challenge at the Olympic Park, reindeer sleigh rides, an immersive lumberjack dining experience and ice carving, all finished with an unforgettable gala dinner in an underground nuclear bunker. (Yes, you read that right!). 


Our favourite moment was the lumberjack evening at Poropirtti Lodge. Delegates were absorbed into a traditional Finnish evening with a delicious, traditional menu. Everyone was given a Finnish name, and our hosts only spoke Finnish, which led to lots of pointing, gesticulating and hilarious moments of confusion! 

After dinner, the festivities continued with games such as Who Can Saw Wood the Fastest and Hammer the Fastest, followed by plenty of traditional singing and dancing. It was good, silly fun, and everyone had a blast.  


The top-secret location made packing tricky for our delegates. Still, we ensured guests packed their lumberjack shirts for the immersive-themed evening! As the temperature in Lapland was -12 degrees, on hand were winter thermals and outdoor clothing fit for an expedition to the North Pole. So, although we were outdoors in the elements, everyone was wrapped up and snug. 


On the return journey to the airport, the atmosphere buzzed whilst everyone reflected on their experience of the last few days. There were so many highlights which we know will stay with the attendees for a lifetime. 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you; you team of legends, for making our weekend so utterly special! I know these things take a huge amount of organisation and logistical brainpower – I can honestly say you absolutely smashed it...The atmosphere in the office today is one of buoyant jubilation; people are chatting away...”

AC, Director of People & Culture.

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