Softcat and Cisco.

Set sail for success.

“A voyage of Ciscovery.”

Vendor Alliance Sales Incentive.

A vendor alliance sales incentive peaking in an exclusive experience that aligns with the premium tech brand Cisco. 


The sales incentive was designed to educate, inspire and engage the Softcat sales team and create stronger relationships with Cisco.

It was a year in the build-up to this once-in-a-lifetime experience in Mauritius. Excitement was created with nautical-themed, office-based sales days and a halfway celebration, all topped with 5 days of bliss at a 5-star destination.

◆ 22 sales days across 11 UK offices.

◆ Half-Year Mini Celebration at Sexy Fish, London, for sales team leaders.

◆ The sales incentive peaked with a jam-packed, luxury trip to Mauritius for 23 people.

◆ Included a CSR Activity giving back to a local community and wildlife.

◆ Moments of surprise and delight throughout.


The brief was to align Cisco as a premium brand and hone in on the nautical theme based on a ‘voyage of discovery’ or “Ciscovery”. The play on words led to the tagline, “Set sail for success with Cisco”, helping to shape the incentive.

The premium destination of Mauritius allowed the nautical theme to come to life and won the hearts of the Softcat sales team. Although Cisco and Softcat have been sales partners for many years, incentive rewards are crucial to strengthen relationships and keep the Cisco brand at the top of mind.

There were several rounds of activations each quarter to ignite excitement and drive determination amongst the sales team. Mauritius-themed sales days and a halfway celebration peaked with the trip of a lifetime to Mauritius.

The year-long sales incentive peaked with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Mauritius for the winners. The attendees received a VIP experience from the beginning at Heathrow, which continued across all 5 days. Home for the next few days was The Lux Grand Baie resort, where new luxury meets tropical island living.

Special little touches and moments of delight were intertwined, such as gift vouchers at the airport for shopping, room drops with flip-flops, information packs, champagne and snacks and spa and shopping credit at the resort. Everything was branded down to the smallest detail; branded and themed cocktails, menus, transport and all the experiences had special personalised touches. 

The 5-day agenda was a balanced mix of excitement and relaxation. The activities showcased the best of Mauritius with added aspects of culture and giving back to the community with a CSR activity. It was a few action-packed days of speedboats, sunset Catamaran cruises, floating rum bars, fine dining, and local culture. The trip concluded with a special visit to the nature reserve Ebony Forest.

The forest is home to a large population of native species and biodiversity. Less than 2% of Mauritian forest exists today due to poaching, logging and pollution from years gone by. The conservation is working to fix this and is breathing new life back into the island. Softcat winners could explore the forest and leave their legacy by planting their own trees.

Sales incentive trip overview.

Day 1: Depart Heathrow, welcome cocktails and infinity pool lunch, followed by a Catamaran sunset sail with Lobster BBQ.

Day 2: Discover Mauritius in Vintage Cars, Rum tasting and a visit to Chateau de Labourdonnais.

Day 3: Speedboats, snorkeling, BBQ and floating rum bar, dinner and party time.

Day 4: CSR activity at Ebony Forest, leisure time on a private island before departing for home.


The brief for the incentive trip was 100% met.

The itinerary was bespoke and fitted the premium and nautical theme of ‘”A voyage of Ciscovery, Sail to Success with Cisco.”

Consistent branding throughout with careful attention to detail

Throughout the year’s activity, the Softcat team were made to feel special, and the experience captured their imaginations

All parties obtained true value from the incentive, resulting in positive word of mouth, enhanced relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Truly an amazing trip, pretty dreamy to be honest! Hollie and Stephen smashed it out of the park – thanks for being super attentive. 

Kev Rama

Cisco Alliance Manager

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